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Facts Edit

General Information

  • Level: ??
  • Attack Style: Melee/Range
  • Attack Type: Physical/Magical
  • AOE Attack: Yes/No
  • AOE Attack Style: Physical/Magical
  • AOE Attack Effects:
  • Monster Guards:


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Interesting Information Edit


Insert description here


Vynnus: You can find this monster in EINHOREN [human town]. Run to Traitors Guillotine bindstone[yeah, its a damn run till you reach it.] When you get closer, theres a place where a three over cross the road. Keep your eyes open, 2 wraiths spawns there... Theres some ruins near this bindstone too. [Plz, Im not talking about the dun. ;3] Im not sure but think theres some wraiths there too. Good luck!


Insert list of quests this monster is involved in.

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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