Weapon Spirit Stones 1Edit

Uzud Spirit Stones are Status options that can be added to a crafted weapons socket.


  • Strength
  • Dexerity
  • Vitality
  • Intelligence
  • Psyche
  • Agility

Materials needed to CraftEdit

-Uzud Spirit Stone I

+3 status

  • Option Stone Crystal(Grade E) x4
  • Plant Solution(Grade E) x2
  • Creator's Fruit(Grade E) x1

-Uzud Spirit Stone II

+6 status

  • Option Stone Crystal(Grade D) x13
  • Plant Solution(Grade D) x2
  • Creator's Fruit(Grade D) x1

-Uzud Spirit Stone III

+9 status

  • Option Stone Crystal(Grade C) x22
  • Plant Solution(Grade C) x2
  • Gemstone Essence(Grade C) x1
  • Creator's Fruit(Grade C) x1

-Uzud Spirit Stone IV

+12 status

  • Option Stone Crystal(Grade B) x31
  • Plant Solution(Grade B) x2
  • Gemstone Essence(Grade B) x1
  • Creator's Fruit(Grade B) x1

-Uzud Spirit Stone V

+15 status

  • Option Stone Crystal(Grade A) x40
  • Plant Solution(Grade A) x2
  • Gemstone Essence(Grade A) x1
  • Creator's Fruit(Grade A) x1

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