History Edit

At night, the Main God Ohn was scattered as a meteor in the world. Mars who came down to the ground were no longer able to go back to Arepia where her Mother Goddess Edoneh is. They were only left with two desperate orders given to the Popo Tribe in Arbelorn to share with Trinity. To "Bring Peace and Harmony to the World' and to 'Bring Destruction of the World and collect Ohn's Fragments'. The Mars are left with the difficult decision of searching for the meaning of those messages and choose the path they desire at their own will. They however do not know if what they are doing is following Edoneh's will or betraying her. That is...for the Trinity Race to discover.

Classes Edit

During the tutorial you will be introduced to the Mar class who is a young and lovely Trinity spirit forced to choose between the two Trinity factions in order to call their town, home. Mar will have to choose between the Rumir faction who have been sent to bring Harmony and Prosperity to the world and the Noir faction who have been sent to bring Chaos and destruction to the world. The tutorial zone doubles as an introductory zone, where you will choose your class. A detailed guide can be found at the Trinity Job Change Quest guide.

The Trinity Race comes with exclusive armor and a unique weapon called The Arrendal who will be your weapon and companion along your adventures. This unique weapon will level up as you go and increase in power the stronger you get. A guide to upgrading and leveling the Arrendal can be found at the Arrendal Weapon Guide.

Mar Edit

Mar is a petite, beautiful and lovely spirit that was born from the Giant Sequoia Tree's intense love for living beings. She is very curious towards all living beings and her powers have yet to be fully developed. Based on her decisions she will either bring prosperity or chaos to the world of R.O.H.A.N.

Rumir Edit

An adult Spirit of the Giant Sequoia Tree. Sent to the world by Edoneh's will to bring Harmony and Prosperity. She is a beacon of light, suitable for the role of curing and saving lives. She can be seen as a delicate flower however she also has Holy powers mortal to any living being that wishes to disrupt the peace and harmony of the world.

Noir Edit

An adult Spirit of the Giant Sequoia Tree. Sent to the world by Edoneh's will to bring destruction and pain along the way. She becomes the darkness who walks the road of destruction to restore the world back to its beginning. She is a very powerful being for PvP that will lure all enemies to their despair.

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