Tips and Tricks Edit

Here we will have a basic Tips and Tricks guide where you will be able to choose what your best strategy in game progress you'll be taking and some basic warnings to keep in mind. All this has been done and tested to work.

General Info: Edit

If you are going to play Rohan and you want to be any competitive with other players you HAVE to spend $$$ or you have to spend a lot of time doing business and farming and such to be able to get yourself good gears. Take this in mind or don't start at all, you'll only be disappointed. It is an MMORPG it takes time to progress.

Scam Prevention: Edit

1. Never borrow stuff or share account info, NEVER EVER

2. Always double check(Triple, Tetra, Quintuple check) everything you trade, including the stats of the items in trade and the amount of CRONES/RPS/ECASH involved.

3. NEVER accept offers which seem to good to be true and require you to either pay up first, basically anything that doesn't involve either (instant)EM actions or the (instant)ingame trade mechanism. If it smells bad it IS bad.

4. When buying from chars that sit shop CHECK every price manually before you buy it, some people alter the price so it looks cheap in F(Kiosk search) or they put an item with another 0 added to the price.

5. Don't use any other currency besides RPS/ECASH/Crone/Items. Scammers are always there to drain your hard earned money.

6. Don't be greedy and buy an item ''cheap'' because you just got a PM another person needs that item, you think you'll make money as middle man but as soon as you bought the item the second buyer is gone.

7. Don't login into keygens or whatever, get a proper virus scanner and don't reply on people saying they are giving out free stuff via mail/Facebook/Rohan EM or ingame etc. Scammers are always there.

Short and useful info for any player at any level: Edit

- From my own experience I'm guessing the success rate for a white Skill Enhancement Stone lies around 20% (tested with roughly 90 white Skill Enhancement Stone, results matched 20%). Rumor has it the blue Skill Enhancement Stone (ones that drop from monsters) have higher success rate but I have never noticed this nor tested. If you are not lucky don't try your luck on it and farm some ECASH or charge RPS to get yourself a 100% success rate Skill Enhancement Stone, Skill Restoration Stone or Ancient Enhancement Stone on the Item Mall, it will save you a lot of headaches. 

- There is a difference between Ecash and RP, Ecash is a virtual currency you can ONLY use in the Exchange Market. Rp's can be used in the Exchange Market AND in the Item Mall, thus making it more valuable. Try not to spend Rp's on items from the Exchange Market but only for the Item Mall since in general Item mall prices of items in Ecash are 3 times as high as prices in RP's.

- There are different NPC (Non Player Characters) in Rohan that give you level up rewards. For level 1-50 there are 2 NPC's that give rewards. The first NPC is the blue one at the bindstone of your hometown (depending on your class this is a different NPC because you have a different hometown). This NPC gives you rewards every 5 levels (starting at level 5 and ending at level 50). The other NPC is at the bindstone from the Gathering Hall, This NPC gives you a reward every 10 levels up till level 50. 

NOTE 1: You can only claim rewards from the Gathering Hall NPC if you are in a 15 level range of the quest, if you level higher than this the reward will disappear!. Once you are level 50 there is a blue NPC at the limestone bindstone that gives you a reward every 5 levels from level 55 to level 115. Note Once you hit a level >99 you cannot claim the rewards from < 99, make sure you claim your rewards before that.  

NOTE 2: If you have an item of the same type active in your bags and try to acquire one with the same type or effect from one of this quests the item that you're trying to acquire will disappear and it will be lost. Either delete the item of the same type to acquire one better or wait for that item to expire and use it as much as possible till you need the better one. 

- In general Forging/Refining Items is Expensive. In most cases it costs more than you intended and its often cheaper to just buy the items from other players than it is to make it yourself. For low level gear(<100) I'd say you can either buy it or make it since you don't need preservation stones and the parts are fairly cheap. For high level gear(Glacial and Onyx) I'd suggest to buy it from other players rather than making it yourself. Making it depends on your own luck, you could be spending a lot of money and you'll still have no gear. Buying it from others is the safer option. For all the time I play i bought around 80-90% of my gear and only made a small share, simply because it was cheaper to do so.

- IM stands for Item Mall, EM stands for Exchange Market. The item mall is the regulated market place for items offered by PWI (the company that owns this game). The Exchange market is a Marketplace in which players can sell/buy items/crones/characters from other players.

NOTE 1: There is a 10% tax fee on selling things on the EM so if you sell something for 1000 ECASH you'll only gain 900, the 100 ECASH that is lost is a fee for using the EM.

NOTE 2: Every account has a maximum of 3 sells every 2 weeks. To expand your ability to sell more items bi weekly you require an Exchange Market license that can be purchased with 1000 RPS. This will give you a maximum of 30 sells bi weekly.

- If you are ingame press ''F'' this will open a search box that will look for specific items names in kiosk sellers, type an items name you want lets say ''Shield of Edwin''. type Shield with a capital S (ALWAYS use a capital letter). Now if you are lucky some Shields of Edwin will show up. This means people are sitting kiosk (shop) and you can buy it. The location and price is also shown in there. You can select the item and it will pop the map location where the sellers kiosk is with a blue arrow. Another arrow will appear before your character telling you in what direction that kiosk is.

- If you press ''L'' while ingame you get so see your friend list, if you then go to the third tab which is called ''Find player'' you see a box which says ''Activate Anonymous mode'' this will prevent players from finding you and the location you are at. Check this box if you have a lot of problems with (personal) pker's (player killers).

- Buy a bunny, this pet will remember the location you are at for 5 minutes and port you back there. It saves a lot of time while grinding or questing, you can go sell items or buy potions and you'll be back before you know it!

NOTE: The time it takes to do some selling can sometimes be higher than 5 minutes and if the time stamp expires you'll have to walk all the way you where if you was grinding. Remember to always keep in mind the time it takes for you to sale stuff. You can always ignore the cooldown time by releasing and resummoning the bunny.

- Walter medals and Talismans or (Magical) Talismans are permanent items that permanently boost your stats. You only have to keep them in your inventory to gain the boost. Furthermore if you have a Walter Medal +6 or +7 you can reseal it using a Unique Forge Preservation stone(Bought in the IM), this way it gets trade able(Sealed) again. The Talismans or (Magical) Talismans which are +6 or +7 can be sealed again using a Talisman Seal Scroll (bought at the IM).

NOTE: This are very expensive items so keep in mind not to loose them.


At first, most servers got merged, you have now either (Jainus) or (Isen). All the sub servers like ''Jin'' or ''Syrephis'' belong to the main group (Jainus). Straight to my next point which server is the most populated one....Well that is the oldest Jainus for sure.

If you are considering to start on one of them I'd suggest you start on Jainus because Isen is a complete different mechanic to what the game was meant to be. This is also why I'll mainly explain stuff about Jainus and not about Isen.

Jainus server is the original game mechanics with forging and crafting as it was originaly designed. This server has Upgraded weapons and accessories which are one time only pay to win exclusives.

Isen server has NO upgraded weapons nor accessories. Its mechanics revolve mostly in Crafting system with a harder PvE experience if you're not gonna go full crafting.

Upgraded weapons:

Jainus Exclusive, skip this part if you're in Isen

Okay so you have 3 different kinds of upgraded weapons you have:

1. Epic Weapons (5th/Bedron Tier weapons or Level 90 weapons)

2. 4x OLD Upgraded Weapons(5th/Bedron Tier weapons or Level 90 weapons)(Upgrade 1.0)

3. 4x NEW Upgraded Weapons(Glacials)(Upgrade 2.0 and 3.0)

1. Epic weapons where the first version of upgraded weapons released by YNK many years ago. They have similar stats which are the same (except for the class depending stats like melee/magic/ranged/ and bonus str/dex/vit etc.). This is due to YNK handing out a complete weapon+15 when purchased. This weapons have ~100 of the main stats(Str, Dex, Vit) a secondary ~100 Stat (Dex, Agi, Psy) and a Third ~50-100 stat Vit. All this weapons had 45% Damage Drop and 15% Health and Mana Absorption. Attack Speed, Critical rate as additional stats to.

2. The OLD upgrade weapons(1.0) were made by buying 4 separated parts and forging those together until you had a full weapon

This ones have Axes with 70% Magic and Melee attack and max 85% DD. All weapons have 110% HP, ~70% specific attacks and 60-75% DD.

3. The NEW upgrade weapons(2.0 and 3.0) also work that way(buy 4 parts and forge em yourself), they can be recognized because they are similar to the Glacial weapons. This are the best weapons in game currently (some 2.0 ones are better than 3.0 ones depending on your class and the purpose of the weapon(farming or pvp).

This ones have Katars with 32% Crit rate, Zhen/Club/Staffs with 130% HP. Dual Swords, Polearms, Crossbows and Bows with weapon attack.

Transcending Armour/Weapons: Edit

Simple introduction to the trans system. This system gives you the ability to enhance your gear with sockets, the amount of sockets you get is random. I will divide the trans process in a few short and simple steps, there might be more to it but I will not elaborate this further

Step 1:(Getting trans-fragments): The new maps (Sunken Sanctuary, Demonic Cave, Kerua Monastery, Closed Mine) have monsters that drop 3 day option stones which can be used for trans-weapons, they can also be extracted in the crafting studio and will give you 5 trans fragments each. In Sunken you can take quests and after killing a certain amount of monsters you will get trans fragments as reward. Any monster in the new maps has a chance to drop Rough Transcendence Stones which when handed in at an npc at the crafting studio (behind the Ashkeena/Elemental dung NPC's) will give you 3 trans fragments.

Step 2:(Exchanging trans-fragments): If you have enough fragments (1000) you can exchange them for a trans stone, once you have 40 trans stones (40.000 fragments) you can fuse them into a Transcendent Stone which you can then use to transcend your weapon or armour.

Step 3:(Transing your weapon): This step is nothing but using the trans stone at your selected weapon or armor, after this your weapon/armor will have a red-ish colour and will have sockets to add option stones to


-Are you new?

Alot of new players ask about the ''twin accessories''. Let me explain the system, you buy a twin of your choice , Water(Dex), Earth(Vit), Metal(Psy), Wood(Int), Wind(Agi), Fire(Str).

After you made your choice you can double click it to open it and receive RANDOMLY either a ''Keena'' or ''Heart'' Gem. You need 1x Keena and 1x Heart to receive 300 stats +1200 hp. Earth(vit) twins + Main stat twins is advised as rings if you're new. Those are the cheapest rings with the best potential. 

-Are you not new?

If you are not new you can try to use boss drops as rings. You shouldn't use plain boss drops but you have to forge them. Use 2x the same boss drop (Flame Diamond, Feathers Of Goddess Silva, Bezemut eyes, Wrath of Ancient Darkness) + Prayer of the water temple (90% success chance) and you'll gain a forged boss drop which will be called for example (Feathers Of Goddess Silva(Wood)) The element ''wood'' or ''metal'' or ''fire'' indicate it's a forged boss drop. 

Now you can reinforce your boss drop by using Armour Reinforcement Stones I-VI (1-6) + Reinforcement Abrandant.

NOTE1: The Reinforcement Abrandant A only gives a 80% chance to preserve your item. Use ''Reinforcement Abrandant'' or Delux Reinforcement Abrandant (also increases your success chance slightly) to forge your boss drop.

NOTE2: Reinforcing accessories is verry expensive, trying to boost rings to +12 yourself will cost you 100$$$

Crafting system:

There is a crafting system that allows you to make Rings, Armors and Weapons from raw materials. This system is different from the conventional forging system. You have to gather certain materials and add them together in the crafting studio to make the item you want. This system is quite old and it takes a lot of effort (and money) to make the item you want so in general I would rather advice a player to use the conventional system and just forge your weapons or armor. 

If you cannot afford boss drops+12 but you want something better than twins you could try to get ''crafted'' rings +12. Those are cheaper than boss drops but more expensive than twins. Of course their stats are (if the ring are +12 or so) better than twins and less good than boss drops. The plain rings are made through the crafting system (which I will not further elaborate because it's absolutely not worth your time or money to make those rings, if you want them, buy them). To reinforce the rings you need a Reinforcement Abrandant and Armour Reinforcement Stone again (exactly the same as reinforcing boss drops). 

Crafted weapons and armor aren't very good, Chimera weapons are a little better but expensive to maintain. Both crafted and chimera items (weapons and armours) have sockets. Those sockets can be filled with spirit stones. The spirit stones are different from the option stones you use in the conventional forging system. The option stones added to Chimera/Crafted gear have a time limit and will only last for either 7 days or 30 days. This is also why maintaining a weapon with full spirit stones on it (that is 5 stones for a chimera weapon) is rather expensive. I would not advice to use this system unless you have a lot of ECASH/CRONES/RPS to spend on it.

What class should I play?: Edit

You have a lot of different classes in Rohan. Mainly you have Races and classes. Each Race contains 2 classes. For example Elf is a race which contains Priests and Templars.

Current Classes that are viable in PVP: (Damage Dealer)

- Agi Avenger (Dhan)

- Agi Predator (Dhan)

- Str Noir (Trinity)

- Int Templar (Elf)

- Str Guardian (Human)

- Str Defender (Human)

- Int/Str Savage (Giant)

Current Classes that are viable in PVP: (Support)

- Vit Defender (Human)

- Psy Rumir (Trinity)

- Psy Priest (Elf)

- Str Guard (Human) 

- Str Defender (Human)

Notice that Str Guard and Str Defender have the skill sets to support but are also very good DPS. It's a character with multiple purposes and depending on how skilled (and rich) you are, you can support your team whilst also doing major DPS. 

Classes that are viable in PVE: (To farm or play solo)

- Psy Wizzard (Dark Elf)

- Str Savage (Giant)

- Psy Rumir (Trinity)

- Str Noir (Trinity)

- Int Templar (Elf)(Level 101+)

- Dex Scout (Half Elf) (Level 111+ and is very expensive class to maintain)

- Int Dragon Sage (Dekan)

- Vit Dragon Sage (Dekan)(Level 101+)

- Str Defender (Human)(Level 101+)

- Vit Dragon Knight (Dekan)

- Int Warlock (Dark Elf)

- Str Berserker (Giant)

- Str Guardian (Human)(Level 101+)

- Agi Predator (Dhan)(Level 101+)

Most Popular classes that are viable in PVE and PVP:

- Agi Predator (Dhan)

- Str Guardian (Human)

- Str Noir (Trinity)

Armour: Edit

There is a lot of different kinds of armor that you can use in this game but this is what I would advice to do from level 1-115.

Note: I wrote down the normal versions of the armors. the Enchanted Versions are Always better of course.

lvl 1-30: Froianne

lvl 30-60: Pluion/Edwin

lvl 60-90: Edwin

lvl 90-105: Serpent Split 

105-115+50: Darkness Onyx Armor(A must)

NOTE 1: You can also Transcend this armor giving it the possibility to add option stones (example: Onyx armor (chest) with 2 socket could hold a 80 str and 80 vit stones (3 days duration on the stones))

NOTE 2: I did not mention Bedron armor, parts for that armor are rare and its mostly more expensive than Edwin/Pluion while its not even that much better than Edwin. If you want the Bedron for cosmetics purposes you can farm the parts in Rima map, Djin monsters, Farm at Jubas Water Clock dungeon in Del Lagos Map or buy the pieces on the IP merchant in Crafting Studio. A good Edwin set is enough for most classes to level up to level 85-99.

NOTE 3: The best PvE combo options on your gear are Armor Defense, Minimum Damage Drop and Critical Damage drop. This will help you grind on any spot even when monsters are 10-20 levels higher than you. This options can stack with some buffs making your grinding even more smooth sailing. Do know that AoE and absorption options or buff skills are required to keep yourself alive.

Leveling up: Edit

Yes some info about the leveling system here. You start at level 1 and you can reach up to 115 levels. You can after this gain % exp which will give you conqueror levels. You can have a maximum of 50 Conqueror levels. If you die while you are 115 you can lose % just like at any other level (well after lvl 21). After you reached 115+50 you will get a special aura like effect around your character and you will not lose your conqueror levels even if you lose %.


115 and 100% = 115+1. this gives you 7 all stats and 2% skill resist as bonus

115 and 200% = 115+2 this gives you 14 all stats and 4% skill resist as bonus

115+50 gives you, I hereby quote GM-oIRENEo: ''So when you reach Conqueror Level 50, you'll get All Status +100, Delevel 20 of Required level to equip, Skill Resistance + 20%, Damage Drop +10% and 500 Stat points.''

Want more information? Visit the indepth info about the new patch(New Skills/Conqueror level cap):

Pets: Edit

You can fuse pets to make better pets. You will need 2x level 3 normal pets (such as Honey Bear, Soft Kahto, Bunny etc.) and fuse them with a special fuse item (example: Lion Crown)(90% success change, if you fail, you keep both pets but only lose the fuse item). This will give you a level 1 fused pet. Currently the best pets in game are Fire Fox and King Lion. It's highly recommended you use either one of those pets especially if you want to PvP. The Lion King can be fused, the Fire Fox has to be won in the game parlor, from events or from the level 91 Ash'Keena quest (which is by the way almost impossible to complete so don't start unless you planning on trying for at least a year).

This are the main PvP pets used right now. The other pets are mostly utility.

King Lion (level 3): Mostly Supporting roles but a DPS role can use it as well

- 35% HP

- 20% attack speed

- 20% incomming critical damage drop

- 50% weight raise

Fire Fox (lvl 3): Moslty DPS roles

- 30% Damage to HP (this will convert 30% of your received damage directly to HP)

- 20% attack speed

- 30 all stats

- 50% weight raise

Making Currency:

At high lvl 110+ and so on the best way to make money(by far) is by farming Onyx armor/weapon, Onyx fragments, Trans Fragments etc. Considering this is for new players I'll give some advice I used when first came here.

Since PWI gave us Hunter Kits (ingame bots the plays/grind your character) its fairly easy to farm/grind. You could start off at any spot with monsters your level (make sure you have hp/mp potions in your bag and set on the Hunter Kit so you wont die that easily) and kill monsters and pick up what they drop. This should be your first way to 1-10 mill crones. If you have some crones and gear you can try some other (faster) ways of making money that are described below.

- Kill Mini bosses and/or Bosses for loot: 

This is a fairly simple way to make some money, you can start off by killing Varg Patriarchs (lvl 9), Black Turpins (lvl17), Salient Knights(lvl25), Vairokans (lvl 27), Berg (lvl 25), Enchanted Tonken (lvl 40), Orc Kings (lvl 49-50 ). These bosses are scattered around the maps of Rohan and drop mainly rare armor parts(green named) and yellow to blue option stones. The armor is useless but the option stones can sometimes be worth 5-20 mill or even more if you are lucky. 

Check other bosses locations for better loot like Crystal Quarry, Ahkma Cave, Caronia's Tomb, Black Dragon Sanctuary, Rahkon dungeon, Jubas Water Clock, Blazing Temple, Ronelia, Gratt Underground Water Way, Mirror Dungeons, Giants Finger Print, Burnt Ruins, Forgotten Fortress. 

NOTE 1: If you are totally new in game and you have no gear or cosmetic items whatsoever those bosses will probably kill you (even if you are 5-10 lvls higher than the boss). You need some descent gear to be able to survive these bosses. 

NOTE 2: You can pic up the Graham armor pieces from Enchanted Tonkens to make yourself a lowbie armor set if you don't have one. This pieces can be forged with Natu armor pieces dropped from Orc Kings to make Pluion armor pieces. 

NOTE 3: In Ronelia Exterior there are 2 Devil pumas that have a chance to drop a Blue named SES and a Mount. Extract the SES for Enhancement Crystals and sell or give as a gift the mount to a friend.

- Endless Crone Farming

There are various locations that can be used to farm Crones for a very long time without too much worries, This locations are Forgotten Fortress, Giants Finger Print and Burnt Ruins. Ronelia is great place to but the walk just to get there and the amount of traffic of people grinding there will give you headaches. Classes to farm this locations are Defender, Savage, Wizard, Scout, Rumir, Noir, Dragon Knight and Dragon Sage of this classes the best of the best is the Savage with its low cost maintenance and insane AoE DPS. Just pick up all those accessories dropped by slain monsters and sell them on a sundries merchant at towns or bind stones. In one day with the help of a Hunter kit you should be able to fill up all your bags of accessories multiple times and make no less than 25 millions of CRONES each trip.

- Elemental Dungeon daily

You can do it once a day or multiple times if you have a Dungeon reset scroll from the daily log in prices, doing this can give you Skill Enhancement Stones, Crones, IP Tickets, Option Stones Box, Celestial Tear Drop Box from the roulette that can be sold or kept. if you can complete the quests it will also give you Twins which you can use or sell.

-Daily Events

Do all the daily events even if you don't win the participation prices are worth all those 20 minutes of the event. You could get lucky and win one or two you never know.

- SES farming with Trinity's lvl 51

It's fast(Around 20 minutes in Tutorial area and completing the quest from 20-35 minutes depending location, luck, and killer DPS) and doing the lvl 50 SES quest (tradable white SES) Caronia's Tomb bindstone NPC(Kozumi) quest, you can lvl multiple Trinity's at once and farm SES this way.

- Fishing 

Yes you can fish for Rainbow trouts or Sweetfishes and sell them while you Kiosk. You can also open all the Rainbowtrouts and hope for a SES which you can then sell.  

-Pet Feeder

You can buy a Hunter kit and stay in safe zone feeding pets and latter sell them for ECASH or CRONES.

Remember that some pets are very hard to come by and others are in high demand so a Level 3 Lion could make you some ECASH but a Level 1 Fire Fox makes you even more ECASH not to say a Level 3 Fire Fox but getting to 9000 feeds is no easy task.


Some items cant be farm simply by killing monsters and looking for the drop in their loot or combining some items to make more powerful ones to then sell for profit. That is where crafting comes in. Remeber that crafting requires knowledge of items material prices and gathering locations to be worth the time. If you dont know this but still would like to know keep reading.

  • Armor Reinforcement Stones: this very needed items can be crafted with Enhancement Crystals some gem stone essence of said grade and sapphires of said grade. Using the Trinity SES farming process you can acquire the SES needed to crush for the Enhancement Crystals then gather all the materials to craft the ARS. Sell it or Reinforce an accessory to then add more value to it .(Warning the Accessory Reinforcement process has a chance to loose the item if the process fails)
  • Spirit Stones: depending on how much crafted weapons and armors are in use in the game this can be very useful to craft and sell. This process requires Option stone crystals that can be extracted from option stones gathered from monsters or mini bosses. This process can be of very high demand on crafting oriented servers. Isen server mostly.
  • Craft Weapon or Armors: depending on how the demand for this items are crafting them can be a very profitable process. Keep in mind that Extraction Option stones, Crystals and other materials are needed to make this items so if its not very profitable don't do it cause you'll only waist your time and CRONES.

- Exclusives Hoarding

If you have the means to gather very expensive items and keep them for some time. You may be able to profit from them at a later time if those items get in high demand or become very rare. If you can make a quick sell of said item and don't need it just sell it. This trick could work 1 in a billion of years. The game is constantly changing so you never know.

Examples: Epic Polearms, Dual Swords, Bows, Upgrade 1.0 Polearms, Dual Swords, Magic Zhens and Bows, Fate Armor set, Blood War Champion set, Twin Auras Accessories

- Item Browsing

In general to do any of these next things you have to know the prices of all items so you know for how much you can sell an item you just bought (if you don't know this you'll lose money instead). Check the shops in Montt or Limestone Foothill daily and spend some time scrolling through the EM every day. Keep a keen eye on the CRONE/RP rate on the EM as well since that will tell you a lot about the value of items ingame vs. items on the EM.

NOTE: Every second Tuesday there's a server maintenance. Due to new updates or patches some items might drop or increase in value VERY fast after a maintenance keep this in mind, this can make you very rich and/or very poor in a very short time.

Now if you done some of the things mentioned above you should have some crones. Now it's time to make the real money, at first it will be slow but once you get the hang of it (and some luck) you can make good profit each day. Your basic strategy is to buy items that are wanted by many players so you can sell them fast. You should buy items for a low price and sell them for a higher price. This tactic can be divided in a few different categories.

1. Buying items for crones ingame and selling them for Ecash (keep the 10% fee in mind or you'll lose money so you'll need at least like 20-30% profit to make it worth the effort). This profit is based on the fact that CRONES/ECASH rate isn't directly applied to items. Say you pay 100 mill for an item which is worth 100 ECASH if you bought CRONES for 100 ECASH you'd get 100 mill. But instead of 100 ECASH this item is actually worth 400 ECASH, this means you'll make 300 ECASH profit (okay 260 ECASH coz of the 10% fee). (ECASH Profit)

2. Buying items in game and selling them in game for a higher price. (CRONE profit)

3. Buying items in game and selling them in game for CRONE and selling the CRONE for RP's (10% Fee) (ECASH profit)

4. Buying items for ECASH and selling them for ECASH (10% fee) (ECASH Profit)

There are more ways but these are a bit devious (like buying crones from ECASH to buy an item in game for crones to sell it for ECASH)

I would advice to keep most of your wealth in ECASH (around 80-90%) and maybe 10% in crones since those are easier to get and less wanted.

Thanks to sunnyangel, snipers334, RBNXD and any other names forgotten :p 

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