1. Buff that increases the damage of Crossbows. Can be used on others apparently.
2. Skill that instantly removes stun effect.
3. Self buff that protects you from being attacked by the hostile races' soldier or your own race's soldier(if you're a murderer for this last one).
4. Self Buff that allows the user to see hidden players or monsters within a certain distance.
5. Skill that gives you chance of disappearing Moving, attacking, using a skill, or using an item will remove the effect.
6. Self Buff that increases the user's damage in exchange for the ability to move. Crossbows only.
7. Attack Skill that does damage depending on the Murder Counter (The number killed in PvP, 'decreases' every 3 hours.).
8. Self Buff that increases the attack speed. Crossbows only.
9. Skill that creates a certain type of bolt(the arrow of Crossbows). They cannot be discarded or sold.
10. Buff that increases Dexterity. Can be used on others.
11. Attack Skill that disregards the target's defense.
12. Attack Skill that does damage based on the level of the equipped weapon.
13. Attack Skill with a high chance of being a critical hit.
14. Attack Skill that does more damage if the weapon used is Rare or Unique.
15. Self Buff that protects the user from magic damage.
16. Attack Skill that does more damage if the weapon used is Unique or Ancient.
17. Party Toggle that increases Movement Speed.

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