Almost all races in Rohan have a few popular builds to use. There are also some “alternate” builds that could be followed, but usually one "main" build nowadays.

Character building refers to how you distribute the earned stat and skill points. You will obtain a skill point each time you level up. Prior to level 50 you will obtain 4 stat points each time you level up; from levels 51 up to 70 you will obtain 6 stat points; from levels 71-100 you will obtain 8 stat points; and from 100 up you will obtain 10 stat points to distribute. Here is a basic guide on how to distribute your stat points to get a “popular” build, already proved as working. This will be done by class (the one obtained after level 50).

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Human: the Knight Edit


Guardians have two primary builds: Str and Dex. Both builds include 1 vit per level to add defense. The strengh build has good DPS as well as an okay tanker and a very useful Strengh buffer. They usually wield 2 weapons: a one hand sword and a dagger. As for any Str based character, Dex is an important stat for Str guardians. The dexterity build relies on massive critical damage. They are an extremely popular class as they are a critical based class (very powerful PVP), are not as weak defensively in comparison to the Agi Dhan, and are more useful to parties due to Knight(Protection, Rising Might) and Guardian(Crazy Strengh, Critical Aura) buffs. They usually wield a Dagger and a Shield which also makes them a potent Stunner. Their most important skills are Critical Aura, Crazy Standing, and Order Swing. There are also people who do hybrid builds which consists of 2:1:1 (Str:Dex:Vit) to create a balance between both builds.


Defenders have two main builds, strength and vitality. It is recommended to level up as strength, and switch to full vitality for PvP. Templars will love you for defending nature. Strength defenders, however, are also a viable build.

Giant: the Warrior Edit


Berserkers are rather useless nowadays. But if you build one, you can go full strength and use dual swords, or full vitality and support.


Savages are amazing farmers, but work well for PvP too, after 101. For PvE, go strength, but add dexterity and vitality if needed. They have a buff that makes their normal attack turn into an area of effect (AoE) which is highly popular among parties. Even though they don't have extraordinary defense, the possibility of forging health/mana absorption weapons, combined with their AoEs which greatly enhance leeching efficiency, makes them a very likable tanking character.

Due to the new hero skills, Savages have a "snatch" skill that allows them to snatch blunt from a templar. That creates the build of full intelligence savages, relying completely on templar blunt mastery. The pros of this build are that they can deal as much damage, even more, than a templar, due to their attack speed and elemental buffs. However, if they are debuffed, they lose a lot of their utility.

Half Elf: the Archer Edit


Half Elves have a primary build, using dexterity as a main stat. The build is often full dexterity or 3:1 (Dex:vit). Rangers are meant to be pvp specialized class, but because of their better range and the skill Winged Foot which greatly increases mobility, they are considered “Lurers”(pulling monsters to the parties location)in parties. Consequently, they are much more popular than Scouts in PVE. A lot of dedicated puller Rangers are full vit based and will only reset to Dex build when a certain level is reached (for example level 90). The full vit build makes them a much more resistant and efficient puller, but they compromise their damage for the time being.  A deadly PVP skill is Murder Shot.  It accumulates in damage according to the amount of players the user has killed.


Like Rangers, Scouts main stat is Dexterity and can follow the same build (full or 3:1). Their skills include several AOE attacks and very high attack speed, making them good damage dealers. It is recommendable to include very high vitality after level 50 to avoid being a weak character. Scouts come at a price, they are very efficient in parties due to multiple powerful AOE skills and a fast attack speed, however their damage in PVP combat is exceedingly low compared to the other classes in Rohan, as their main PVP based skill, All-in-one, was bugged and then nerfed.

There is also a Strength Scout which uses 3:1 Strength:Vitality because of the Scout's strong +90% melee attack buff. This version would use a bow or crossbow to pull and the one-handed weapon to deal damage. Strength scouts utilize this Skill, Sharp Melee, by using brandish kick as their main source of damage, which boosts damage based on melee attack, as well as stunning the foe.

Dhan: the Assasin Edit

Dhans can be either Agility or Strength depending on the skills you acquire in the Assassin skill tree. Hybrid builds are useful to but to take advantage of your skills to the fullest only one stat should be used.


Either full Strength or Full Agility the Avenger is great in both dealing immense burst damage while Strength or DPS as full Agility. Katar Mastery boosts both builds damage by adding Pure melee attack. 


The Predator can be either Full Agility to take full advantage of the Crit rate from Katar Mastery and the 120% boost to Agility stat from all the buffs or full Strength to take advantage of your Demolition, Pouch, Timer Trap combo. Both builds are viable in PvP and PvE with the Agility build being a little weak in PvE so monsters could kill you if you don't have the right gear for that pro spot.  

DarkElf: the Mage Edit

Warlock Edit

Warlocks are the Main PvP class of the DarkElfs race with 2 common builds. You can roll full intelligence as a Spell caster dealing immense damage to all targets around you and be able to control the battle at the same time or go full vitality just to be a supporting control roll and help your team mates by controlling the battle field. They can be useful in PvE to but the lack of shield will make you very weak and most of the times you'll die while buffing up or waiting for your spells to cooldown so it is not recommended for players that aren't willing to spend a lot on this class.

Wizard Edit

Wizards are PvE gods, their stat build can be 1 vitality every level for better health pool or full Psyche completely boosting your damage output and defense based on your Psyche shield. For PvP a full Psyche build is not that effective because of the lack of health which will keep you dying more than actually PvPing.

Here is where full Vitality Wizards come to play, taking advantage of Dark Message and Reraise to keep yourself almost immortal while keeping that battle field controlled. 

Dekan: the Dragon FighterEdit

Dragon KnightEdit

Dragon Knights are PvP oriented. There is only one practical build now, with all the new premium item mall gear, which is full vitality. You will be able to deal both Magic and Melee damage thanks to the new Zhen Mastery that uses a portion of your max HP to boost your Melee attack and lets not forget that Forefoot Swing that is your main nuke as Magic damage but it completely ignores any defense modifiers.

Dragon SageEdit

Dragon Sages are both PvE and PvP class. They could use two different builds based on Intelligence or Vitality. 


Dragon Sage

It is suggested, again, that you go full vitality after 101 to make full use of the overpowered Wide Forefoot Swing skill. You will do enormous amounts of damage in PvE, and you'll be a pain in PvP as well. Again, it is recommended that you level up as full Intelligence, or 3:1 / 5:1 / 7:1 intelligence:vitality so you can survive if you have very crappy gear.

Full Intelligence dekans are viable but, they are very easily out damaged by their vitality counterparts most of the time, that it's not worth making them anymore if you cant afford the gear which is very expensive. The build would be dealing both Melee and Magic damage because of the use of the new Zhen Mastery that uses both Magic attack and Intelligence to increase your Melee attack making your melee based skills useful as a combo class. B 

Elf: the HealerEdit


There are several builds for this to level up. You can either choose to go 3:1 / 5:1 / 7:1, psyche:vitality and be a squishier priest, or a 2:2 / 4:4 / 6:6, psyche:vitality and play a tangkinamoki er priest.

After leveling, however, it is advised that you go full vitality so you can better tank the high damage, and support for your party. Psyche based abilities, such as heals, aren't viable anymore due to new premium gear.


The templar build is full intelligence. Templars belong to a class that is capable of melee physical attacks using mace. They have strong magic attacks, in addition to acting as a supporting healer. Just like Priests, they possess the ability to erase the opponent’s buff and debuffs and have exceptional capabilities in attack and defense by reflecting debuffs.

Trinity: the Savior or Destroyer Edit

Rumir Edit

Noir Edit