Quests in Rohan can be completed for various reasons: experience, money, and special items. Here's a list (and guide) to all the quests that you will need.

Common Quests Edit

These quests may be done solo or with a party

Quest RegionsEdit

Party Quests Edit

These quests are the same as any other quest. They are intended to be accomplished in a party as they usually ask for drops, or to simply hunt monsters of a higher level.

Quest RegionsEdit

Job Change Quests Edit

Solo Quests Edit

These quests are the same as any other quest, except for a few details. These quests can only be accomplished when you are not in a party. Monster kills done in a party do not count towards the requirements for solo quests.

Solo quests are done sequentially. If you have not completed the Solo quest that comes before the one you want to complete - then the quest will not be available. The solo quests do not generally show up in the quest alarm either.

It is also important to note that all of the solo quest lines merge together at Level 40, with the quest Back to the Original State which is given by Lacriss at Lauke Monastary for which the prize is a Skill Enhancement Stone.

Solo Quest LineEdit

Elf solo quest line:Edit

Merged Solo QuestsEdit

Guild Quests Edit

These quests are similar to other quests. They must be completed sequencially (in-order) before a guild can be created.

Quest ItemsEdit

Grace of roha


Gratt Fortress Quests