Here is a migrated list of quest items found around Rohan.

Adventurer's Trunk (Elf, DE, HE and Human), Inside Rahkon Dungeon 1

Aged Crate, Located inside Ahkma Cave

Altar of the Late King, Armenes Map, G-8

Amethyst, Narkhart Mainport, Ignis Map

Belonging of Ka-El, found inside crates named Waste Pile, Aeuvraury Map, Random spawns outside GH

Book of Theology, can be found inside Seminarian's Box, Tricia Seminary, Del Lagos Map

Bookcase of Royal Villa, Membrano Royal Villa, Ignis Map

Box of Fragments, Goddess's Fountain, Via Marea Map, C-5

Bowls of Spirit, found inside Holy Leather Sac, Goddess's Fountain, Via Marea Map

Box of Spiritual Eyes, Aeuvrary Map, C-3

Box of Trapped Fire, Dharvegawan Map, H-6

Broken Port, Ignis Map, F-5 and G-5

Calling Stone, Geizan Map, G-6

Casket of the Executed, Click to release Ghost of Lyonan, Ignis Map, B-4 & C-4

Casket of a Fighter, Soldier, Trainee and Warrior, Armenes Map

Casket of Paladin Knight Candidate, click to release Ghost of Paladin, Del Lagos Map, J-3

Cave Stone Chest, Located inside Ahkma Cave

Corroded Statue, Morrisen Map, F-2

Cracked Statue, Morrisen Map, F-2

Crest of the Royal Court, Drop item from Venomous Union Worm, Ignis Map

Crumbling Statue, Via Marea Map, J-5

Diozma's Treasure Chest, Aeuvrary Map

Elliar's Flower, located inside Temple of Flox, Ignis Map

Felix Box, inside Black Dragon Sanctuary, Geizan Map

Felix's 1st Record Marble, Crea Workshop, Via Marea, F-4

Felix's 2nd Record Marble, Del Lagos Map, D-3

Felix's 3rd Record Marble, Varvylon Map, J-3

Felix's 4th Record Marble, Geizan Map, F-4

Incomplete Statue, Liom Map, F-10

Key to Returned Book Box, Drop item from Specter, mobs located inside Lauke Monastery / Entangled Ruins / Shrouded Mansion

Kniedhogg's Hope, inside Caronia's Tomb, Varvylon Map

Legion Boxes, Aeuvrary Map

Liquor Barrel, Via Marea Map, C-8

Lydia's Burden, Liom Map, F-8

Mana's Crystal, Magic Academy of Blue Flame, Ignis Map

Mana's Raw Ore, Ignis Map, C-2

Mask Key, can be obtained from Shadow of Penance, located in Narkhant Main Port, Ignis Map

Molten Stone Slabs, Drop item from Venomous Union Worm, Ignis Map

Monastery Stone Chest, Located inside Lauke Monastery

Mossy Statue, Dharvegawan Map, D-10

Monster Attractant, Aeuvrary Map, I-5

Mysterious Dark Casket, Dharvegawan Map

Necklace of Edwin, open Grandma's Safe to obtain necklace, Left side of Grandmother, Del Lagos Map, D-9

Noberto's Box, Inside Rahkon Castle 1

Piece of Bindstone, Clicking it will free Diozma, Random spawn in Aeuvrary Map

Pile of Molding Flesh, Temple of Silva. Varvylon Map, G-6

Pile of Reeking Flesh, Altar of Roha, Varvylon Map, J-9

Pile of Rotting Flesh, located next to Andelique in Temple of Flox, Ignis Map

Pirate King, Click Puddle of Sea Water to summon Pirate King, Serpenter's Swamp, Aeuvrary Map, H-7

Pirate's King Treasure Box, Aeuvrary Map, I-6

Quest Miners Stone, Crystal Quarry 1

Returned Book Box, Located inside Lauke Monastery, Via Marea Map

Safe of Truth, Del Lagos Map, D-9

Seal of Eldries, click crystal to release Eldries, Aeuvrary Map, C-3

Sealed Box, Marea Temple, Via Marea Map, H-2

Sealed Drake's Heart, Near Rahkon Castle Entrance, Varvylon Map, I-2

Second Sealed Box, Liom Map, D-3

Strange Grass, Random spawns near Entangled Ruins Bindstone, Aeuvrary Map

Senator Armant's Gauntlet, click Green Grass near Birthplace of Purity Bindstone, Ignis Map

Shabby Box, Marea Temple, Via Marea Map, H-2

Shadow of Penance, Narkhant Main Port, Ignis Map

Statue of Condolence. Dharvegawan Map, I-8

Statue of an Exiled King, East Bahran Island Map, J-2

Statue of Marea Temple, Via Marea Map, H-1

Statue Of Necromancy, Ignis Map, E-4

Statue of Silva, Geizan Map, E-6

Statue of Sorrow, Inside Rahkon Castle 3

Statue of Teardrops, Liom Map, F-8

Statue of Wails, Varvylon Map, J-9

Statue of a Wailing Dragon, Geizan Map, C-9

Text of an Old Wiseman, Aevraury Map, H-1

Tombstone of Armana Chapel, Aevraury Map, C-3

Tomb Stone Chest, inside Caronia's Tomb, Varvylon Map

Tombstone of Darkland, Varvylon Map, F-7

Tombstone of Doubtful, Aevraury Map, C-9

Tombstone of Honor, Kowarrre Map, J-7

Tombstone of Justice, Kowarre Map, J-7

Tombstone of Patience, Kowarre Map, J-8

Tombstone of Secluded, Varvylon Map, G-6

Tombstone of Strength, Kowarre Map, J-7

Tombstone of Wisdom, Kowarre Map, J-7

Traces of Dhan, can be obtained by opening Bloodstained Box, located inside Caronia's Tomb, Varvylon Map

Unmelting Ice, Serpenter's Swamp, Aeuvrary Map

Waste Pile, Crates containing Belonging of Ka-El, Aeuvraury Map, Random spawns outside GH

Weapons of an Old Knight, Aevraury Map, G-4

Wrecked Ship's Waste, Crates containing Goblet with Intricate Details, Outside Nightmare's Castle Walls, Aeuvrary Map

50 yr Old Junk, Located inside Lauke Monastery, Via Marea Map

1st Water Element, Varvylon Map, C-2

2nd Water Element, Varvylon Map, K-2

3rd Water Element, Varvylon Map, C-9

4th Water Element, Varvylon Map, J-10

1st Trace of Ken, Dharvegawan Map, D-2

2nd Trace of Ken, Dharvegawan Map, J-8

3rd Trace of Ken, Dharvegawan Map, C-7

4th Trace of Ken, Dharvegawan Map, H-4

5th Trace of Ken, Dharvegawan Map, H-3 |}

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