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Quest Description

Start NPC: Agnes, Limestone Hill Bindstone Keeper

You must be ready. As I said earlier, you have two destinations. The first place is south of here, a place called the Shrouded Mansion which is under Bothan Penitentiary. Once you're there, look for the Suspicious Emissary.

If you hand over the report, he'll reveal your second destination. I do apologize for taking up a chunk of your time, but this is a matter of urgency. you have about 30 minutes until you reach your final destination, so don't waste any more time.


  • Limestone Foothill Bindstone
  • Shrouded Mansion
  • Geizan, Wind Valley, G4


1) After talking to Agnes, you need to go to the Shrouded Mansion and find Ghoster (inside the walls, right side near the back)

2) After Ghoster signs the report, you must travel to Geizan and give the report to Toaz.


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