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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Start NPC: Arthelais <Consult of Vena>, Vena City, E-9

1. Talk to Rima Regenon <Queen of Via Marea>, Vena City, E-9

2. Go to Goddness`s Fountain, Via Marea Map, C-6

3. Deliver to Lacriss <Proxy of Imperial Order>, Inside Lauke Monastery, Via Marea Map, I-10


Goddness`s Fountain, Via Marea


Collect 30 Bowls of Spirit from Holy Leather Sac


% Exp (based on your level);

Lunar Wand (Psy +9, Magic Attack +4%); Simple Great Staff (Int +9, Mana +5%, Magic Attack +4%) (Choose 1)

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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