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Facts Edit

Quest Description

If your're ready, get moving. Let me give you a brief explanation.

You remember that Varrow Forest in Geizan, don't you?

Slaying the Chaos Drake over there is how you'll prove your ability. Occasionally, a slain Chaos Drake will drop a Chaos Stone. You'll need to bring back 30 of these stones. You'll need to complete this task within 60 minutes in order to prove that you have skills that excel others.

Are you ready to put your neck on the line to obtain the goods that will quench the greed of others? Hope to see you in good health if I do see you again.



  • Collect 30 Stones of Chaos (Obtained from Chaos Drake)


  • 1 Tormaline Armor (Physical Defense: +20 Magic Defense: +20)
  • 1 Tormaline Tasset (Physical Defense: +20 Magic Defense: +20)
  • 1 Tormaline Helmet (Physical Defense: +20 Magic Defense: +20)
  • 1 Tormaline Boots (Physical Defense: +20 Magic Defense: +20)
  • 1 Tormaline Gautlets (Physical Defense: +20 Magic Defense: +20)
  • 1 Red Pine Fishing Pole


The 60 minute time limit in the quest description does not actually exist. You can do this quest whenever you see fit.

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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