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Queen of Via Marea: "The Marea Order has taken actions under the pretense that what's happening in the Chaos Zone is proof of the lower god's aggressive movement. The recent contact with the Lauke's Followers only strengthened the Marea Order's theory. Even they are aware of the fact that we should prioritise the collection of remains from the past. As a member of the Inspectors for the Chaos Zone and Marea Order, our mission is to go slay the Ghost of Baron Victor Vlen hiding locked inside the Black Dragon's Sanctuary. He is a forceful monster created by Roha...Despite being one of Lauke's Followers, before he became a monster, he was once a protector of one race and a paladin of a nation. This is why we can't simply slay this monster, you must first go to Del Lagos, then ask King Rihit Del Lagos for his permission. Once this plan is approved, no one will hold you responsible for killing the Ghost of Baron Victor Vlen. The necessary documents will be there once you arrive."

King Rihit Del Lagos: "Ghost of Baron Victor Vlen? You mean the one that roams deep inside Black Dragon Sanctuary? He's been hiding since the monsters invaded the Gratt Fortress. To be exact, the Einhoren paladins kept this fact confidential. As you know, Baron Victor Vlen along with Gratt Fortress were destroyed by Roha. The very god he worshipped his entire life! If sacrifice of his life meant the demise of his god, he would have gladly done so. Rihit Del Lagos, the King of Del Lagos, approves of the killing of the Ghost of Baron Victor Vlen hiding inside Black Dragon Sanctuary. But there's one thing you musn't forget. Gratt Fortress Work Report should be in his belongings. You must retrieve this report. You must! Now, it is time to put him to eternal rest. "

Kill Shard of Baron Victor Vlen


Vena Starting NPC: Rima Regenon (Queen of Marea)


You need to have the Queen's Pendant and the ring obtained in lvl 50 quest (The ring is named "Faith of ..."), both in your inventory, if you don't have this items in your inventory, the quest will not unlock. Don't worry, you won't loss the ring.

You can Find Baron at Caronia's Tomb or Black Temple


Baron Victor Vlen can be quite difficult to kill especially for the level 6x characters. As he can hit a devastating AoE attack, you will probably require at least a 7x tank, a priest and a damage dealer to go with you.


"Soul of ..." (Pluion, Ka'el, etc...) As on lvl 50 quest, this quest brings a new ring, with +20 to a principal stat and +300 HP

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Shard of Baron Victor

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