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Facts Edit

Quest Description

My apologies, I forgot to mention my fees. These fees are my livelihood so I must be firm in my fees. I will need a Book of Lauke, purchasable for 200 crones at the Sundries Store. Alone with the book I will also need 25 Elixirs.

To acquire these you must first forge 25 Healing Remedies by forging 25 Healing Potions and 25 Lesser Healing Potions and 25 Mana Remedies by forging 25 Mana Potions and 25 Lesser Mana Potions. Once you have 25 Healing and Mana Remedies, you must combine them to make the Elixir.



  • Obtain 25 Elixir
  • Obtain the Book of Lauke

Reward (Choose 1)

  • Crystal Wand
  • Sparkling Staff

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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