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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Employing Dragon Eye's infinite magic power, hunt the Pixie Queen. Precisely put, a building was erected where the crimson light of Dragon Eyes can be felt. Disrupt the mana flow at that site and enlist the help of the gods to fell the corrupt queen of pixies who are waging an attack on the Elves. And when you hear the flapping wings crash to the ground, come to me with the Corpse of the Pixie Queen. 120 minutes should be sufficient. When you return with the corpse, I should be able to resume devising my multiple plans, with your help...


Start NPC: Vena queen Rima Regenon


Obtain the Corpse of Pixie Queen ( 0/1 )

Deliver to Rima Regenon



Faith of Edwin: 1

Faith of Kish: 1

Faith of Pluion: 1

Faith of Ka'el: 1

Faith of Trian: 1

Faith of Rai: 1

Miscellaneous Information Edit


Pixie queen

Location of Pixie Queen


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