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Quest Description

Start NPC: Norberto

The Finished Report is what you should bring back to me.. The report contains detailed facts about the Chaos Zone. It talks of the hellish areas where everything is rotting and infested with ferocious monsters. Where corruption and chaos dictates and leaves all nations in fear. This should explain why I am obsessed about getting back what may seem to others as just a bundle of paper. This report is kept inside a box named Norberto's Box which is placed in the center of the 1st floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon.

Unfortunately, I failed to bring with me the box and the key when I was escaping from Chain Armor Tauric's pursuit. There was nothing I could as I watched that damn Chain Armor Tauric run off with the key....Remember, you must obtain the Scratched Key from the Chain Armor Taurics before you locate the box. Also, keep in mind that the trust I have in you will be long gone if I don't hear back from you within 60 minutes.


Start: 1st Floor Celestial Castle Rahkon

Quest: 1st Floor Celestial Castle Rahkon

End: Varvylon, Limestone Foothill Bindstone


  • Obtain the Scratched Key
    • Kill Chain Armor Taurics
  • Obtain the Finished Report
    • Use Scratched Key to open Norberto's Box. Norberto's Box is usually located in the Candle Room, in the central caves of Rahkon Level 1 (The rooms with various Ravannas inside). However, the spawn site of this box is known to be erratic and random, and it can in actuality be anywhere within Level 1.
  • Deliver to Agnes (Limestone Hill Bindstone Keeper)

The quest continues to part two with The Place That Escaped Fate


1 Imperial Topaz Ring

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