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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Start NPC: Larmiel, Vena City Map, I-2

1. Talk to Vellarmino <Vena General>, Vena City Map, F-1

2. Talk to Arthelais <Consul of Vena>, Vena City Map, E-9

3. Deliver to Lilian <Ehres Harbor Gatekeeper>, Aevraury Map, C-6

4. Kill 30 Amazon Soultapper (LVL 37 monster. You can find them in Aevraury Map, B-7)

5. Report to Arthelais


Vena, Via Marea Map

Ehres Harbor, Aevraury Map


Talk to the NPCs. Kill 30 Amazon Soultrapper


% Exp (based on your level);

Lesser Healing Remedy: 5; Lesser Mana Remedy: 5 (Choose 1)

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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