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Guardian Quest

In the Guardian Quest u need to head to Varrow Forest and then head to E9 on that map(the map above Kanion :)). That will lead u to the Haraford guy. A lvl 50 boss that for me was very easy :) The nhead back to Enhiron for the other quest. After u get it go to Carinas Tomb and get the Dhan artifacts. Go to other website to get directions i do not remember where they are. Then u head to Enhiron to get anothet quest and then head to the pine portal bindstone thing. At the go to the bottom left hand cornor where it says the third water element. go there and u will find argus as a knight i had lots of troblre fighting the majic things that killed me the first time. Argus himself was easy but his friends spawned back. This was my guide to being a guardian I am now a guard myself and love it have fun. :) :)

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