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Quest Description

Hmm, you seem pretty confident, I hope you're skills are deserving of your arrogance. Let's see if you can handle this task. Have you ever been to the Chaos Zone? You know, those 7 regions where odd occurences have been reported from lately.

They say that the monsters have become more savage and the contaminantion's so bad, no one can even go near those areas. I guess you are aware. One of the members of our group was traversing near the Chaos Zone, and was attacked by those Chaos Ursas. During his attempt to escape, he accidentally dropped our account book.

Your task is to go find this book. I'm sure those monsters trashed it, but we'll just have to puzzle the pieces together. That book contains our annual budget, and we cannot give up on it. I'll cause us a major headache trying to do all that budgeting again. So, go slay those Chaos Ursas and collect 30 'Piece of Lost Account Book'. I have to finish my bookkeeping in 60 minutes, so makue sure you're back within an hour. You'll be handomely compensated for successful completion. Now, you'll need to head east towards Varrow Forest in Geizan. That's the dreadfully contaminated Chaos Zone.

Best of luck to you.


Limestone Foothill (Jerop)


Kill Chaos Ursa at Geizan map I9 to get 30 pieces of Lost Account Book

Deliver to Jerop


  • 1 Rhodium Armor (Physical Defense: +16 Magic Defense: +16)
  • 1 Rhodium Tasset (Physical Defense: +16 Magic Defense: +16)
  • 1 Rhodium Helmet (Physical Defense: +16 Magic Defense: +16)
  • 1 Rhodium Boots (Physical Defense: +16 Magic Defense: +16)
  • 1 Rhodium Gautlets (Physical Defense: +16 Magic Defense: +16)

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