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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Start NPC: Lacriss <Proxy of Imperial Order>, Inside Lauke Monastery, Via Marea Map, I-10

1. Go deep inside Lauke Monastery to find Demon Hezwerd. (First go left, then right and go straight following the road. You will find a portal near Specters monsters, pass it.)

2. Ask some 9x char if he can kill Demon Hezwerd for you. You have only to hit him once, even if you are not in party.

3. Deliver to Lacriss.

4. Go Ezker Island Bindstone and talk to Helena.


Lauke Monastery, Via Marea Map, I-9

Ezker Island Bindstone, Kowarre Map, K-8


Demon Hezwerd Hunt. Conversation with Helena.


% Exp (base don your level). Skill Enhancement Stone.

Miscellaneous Information Edit



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