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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Have you ever thought orcs are surging in number compared to that of other continental monsters?

Yeah, the obtuse orcs must be intent on expanding their power base among monster via propagating. Hahaha, power struggle among monsters is positively laughable. We welcome them being pitted against each other in a power struggle but we must cap their population. Even arrant oafs can wreak havoc in large numbers.

According to our investigations, the general and chief who are at the herd's helm are located on Rahkon's 3rd Floor. In any organization, eleminating the leader renders the rest a piece of cake. That's right, you will eliminate 150 Orc Viceroys and Orc Nobs respectively.

Are you whining on account of the large volume? Who told you to handle them all by yourself? Go with numerous colleagues if possible to enable swift and easy elimination. They may be great in number but they're complete dunces hence outwitting them should be cakewalk.




  • Helmet of Black Dragon

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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