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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Thre is a small Eldries Seal concealed at the rear of a building in Armana Manor

It can only be opened with the relic of the one who sealed it...

What lies in it is my past which induced my life-long regret and quilt my life-long burden placed on my head.

Recruit like-minded comrades and head there now.

Hopefully, with your bright, The seal can be lifted with the relic and quide his heart to the light...


Starting NPC: Eldires (Aevraury Map - F3)

Closest Portal: Orc Fortress (Aevraury Map - F3)


Task: Eldries' Daughter Iris [1]

Mob Location

Eldries' Daughter (Aevraury Map - C3)


Spinel Ring: 1

EXP: 6.00% (for Level 40)


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Miscellaneous Information Edit


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