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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Cancia

According to map contents, Ruined Keeper must be eliminated. It doesn;t specify Ruined Keepers but upon comparing appearances, the Ruined Keeper has an important key.

I need that key, 20 until I reach my destination to be precise. I'm going to prepare to depart for the excavation while you eliminate Ruined Keepers at Origin of Necromancy.


Start: Dharvegawan, Enraged Netherworld Bindstone

Quest: Ruined Keeper Hunt

End: Dharvegawan, Enraged Netherworld Bindstone


Collect Secret Key (20)

Deliver to Cancia


Tormaline Tasset

Ruined Keeper

Ruined Keeper

Miscellaneous Information

Kill Ruined Keepers to get the "Secret keys"

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