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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Xian

Thanks. You Advanced up here are a testament to your talents.Norberto is trying to find out the purpose of building such a massive castle. Unable to secure any solid clues, he heard Howlthread Scarecrow who emerges supposedly emit odd sounds hence his desire to personally listen to them.

To the end, there's one way: obtaining Screaming Stone, acting as the monster's voice box, which can be obtained via felling Howlthread Scarecrow.

Upon entering the maze through the entrance at the front capture them and fetch me 80 Screaming Stone.


Start: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon

Quest: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon

Finish: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon


Collect Screaming Stone (80)

Deliver to Xian


Tormaline Tasset

Miscellaneous Information Edit




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