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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Kazmoto

Kill the Paragon Stingmarks at the Red Sands of Geizan just south of here and fetch 8 metal Pieces of Darkness from their corpses. I wish there was an easier way of getting them, but kill them seems to be the most efficient.


Start: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Quest: Geizan, Red Sands, D2 & E1 & E2

End: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone


Collect Metal Piece of Darkness (8) from Paragaon Stingmarks

Deliver to Kazmoto


Choose 1

  • Shining Blade
  • Elder's Quarterstaff
  • Maple Crossbow
  • Critical Katar

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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