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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Kurakao

Spirits of pirate captains of ships floundered long ago have been resuurected by the gods. Their bodes are already beyond control, but their spirits remain in pain. We must find the spirits as soon as possible to liberate them.

Spirit Sack, spirits have been sealed in that pounch controlling the bodies.

Fetch me 30 Spirit Sacks from Pirate Avengers at Origin of Necromancy. the more the better, but my strength is limited.


Start: Dharvegawan, Enraged Netherworld Bindstone

Quest: Kill Pirate Avengers

End: Dharvegawan, Enraged Netherworld Bindstone


Collect Spirit Sacks (30) from Pirate Avengers

Deliver to Sikento (ingame error, meant to be Kurakao)


Tormaline Helmet

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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