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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Griffin

I'm a cartographer traveling thru continent and drafting a map of it. If I hadn't encountered the serpenters here, the map would have long since been completed...

If you wish to help me, I need you to go east of the Dawn Lake and retrieve the stolen map fragments from the Serpenters Desecraters and Pillagers. Although every fragment may not be retrieved, I need you to bring me whatever you can. Start by fetching me 9 or so. Please try to remember that I'm on a budget, so don't overwhelm with fragments quite yet.


Start: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Quest: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy, G9

End: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Alternate: Aevraury, Serpenters Swamp, F7


Collect Pieces of Stolen Map (9) from Serpenter Desecraters

Deliver to Griffin


Choose 1

  • Rhodium Helmet
  • Rhodium Gauntlet

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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