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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Vishnu

It appears that they are using an incantation called 'Phantasm' to detain them in the dream world. They only we know how to reserve the incantation would be to kill those casted it.

the Paragon Witch Doctors usually convene near the Wind valley in Geizan. If you were to find 90 or so and slit their throats then I suppose that would be enough.

Don't let a single one escape your blade. It is the only way we can restore the victims.

(Recommended location for this hunt is given below)


Start: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Quest: Geizan, Wind Valley

End: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Alternate place to complete quest:

Paragon Witch Doctors mobs


Paragon Witch Doctor Hunt (90)

Report to Vishnu


Choose 1

  • Battle Hammer
  • Serpentine Bow
  • Topaz Sadique

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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