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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Roberry

Won't investigating the spoils-of-war obtained from animals or monsters inhabiting Origin of Necromancy provide clues in uncovering the truth behind the secret it harbors?

Hmm... which one would be ideal... That's right, Keepers should server as ideal data for investigating this area as they're profoundly influenced by the environment, and sometimes even alter their nature.

As Sapphire Keeper, Lazuli Kpper, Ruined Keeper are said to emerge at Origin of Necromancy, fell them and obtain 40 Iron Chest Stone, 40 Bronze Chest Stone, and 40 Ruin Chest Stone respectively.

As you're aware, origin of Necromancy can be reached by heading to the eastern tip from here, and you cant miss it due to the prevalent lava geysers

And as Origin of Necromancy is the hotbed of monsters more powerful than can be found elsewhere I suggest you have colleagues accompany you. As I will prepare sufficient compensation for everyone in the party, don't be concerned about payment disbursement.


Start: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Quest: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy

End: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone

Alternate: Aevraury, Nightmare Castle

Alternate: Varvylon, Spire of Redemption

Alternate: Varvylon, Alter of Roha

Alternate: First Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon (R1); at R2 entrance


Collect Iron Chest Stone (40) from Iron Keepers

Collect Bronze Chest Stone (40) from Bronze Keepers

Collect Ruin Chest Stone (40) from Ruin Keepers

Deliver to Roberry


Rhodium Tasset

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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