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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Good. I don't know what spell Norberto casted on the Marble of Soul he discovered, but Mantis's Rough Skin is the most essential ingredient.

As Mantis emerges exclusively here on 2ns floor, he personally asked me to fetch him the skin. But I've got to much going on right now.

Fetch me 110 Mantis's Rough Skin as per Norberto's request. And FVI, Mantis's Rough Skin can be obtained from Dementor Mantis as well besides Mantis.

(To himself) I'd better find out what's up his sleeve as well.


Start: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon

Quest: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon

Finish: 2nd Floor of Celestial Castle Rahkon


Collect Mantis's Rough Skin (110) (see screenshoot below for location)

Deliver to Xian


Rose Quarz Bracers : 1

Rose Quarz Ring: 1

Miscellaneous Information Edit




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