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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common Start NPC: Norberto

Marble of Soul. I need Marble of Soul containing spirits of the deceased. At this site I'm trying to rouse the consciousness of the dead by casting a special spell on Marble of Soul infused with spirits of the dead hoping information on Celestial Castle Rahkon may be gleaned by way of mouths of the deceased.

Marble of Soul can be obtained by felling Ravanna, dubbed the spirits of the dead.

Ravanna apparently emerge at the center of Celestial Castle Rahkon's 1st floor. This mission requires a strong warrior such as yourself. Fell Ravanna and obtain 80 Marble of Soul. I vow to uncover the mystery behind Celestial Castle Rahkon via Marble of Soul.


Start: 1st Floor Celestial Castle Rahkon

Quest: 1st Floor Celestial Castle Rahkon

End: 1st Floor Celestial Castle Rahkon


Collect Norberto's Portalstone from Ravanna

  • Ravanna are commonly found on the path to the R2 port.

Report to Norberto


Choose 1

  • Rhodium Boots
  • Rhodium Helmet

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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