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Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Serias

The rumor of the Human paladins having arrived here region in pursuit of Skeleton Archers is true.

But now, it's in the past tense as all were slain and only one survives. Alfonce, the sole survivor, is tentatively staying at the Origin of Necromancy Bindstone.

But Alfonce asked me to find someone to retrieve the remains of his slain colleagues.

The burial site of the remains of the slain paladins is the Origin of Necromancy Bindstone southwest of here located just past the lava terrain.

But the site is teeming with the Lycan Bladefang. By now, if you fell Lycan Bladefang, who relish the bones of the deceased, you'll be able to obtain Paladin's Remains

According to Alfonce, his battalion deployed here, excluding himself, totaled 90 equalling 90 Paladin's Remains.

When you collect all 90 Paladin's Remains, deliver them directly Alfonce at Origin of Necromancy Bindstone immediately, and he will gladly offer you compensation.


Start: Dharvegawan, Enraged Netherworld Bindstone

Quest: Kill Lycan Bladefang to collect Paladin's Remains

End: Dharvegawan, Origin of Necromancy Bindstone


Collect Paladin's Remains (90) from Lycan Bladefang Map: Dharvegawan H8

Report to Alfonce


Tormaline Gauntlets

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