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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Take this key, and go douse it with the blood of 57 Ekzine Warriors at the Gray Dawn Tower. Then you'll be able to break the seal under in the name of the gods and open the box with the key.

Eh, didn't you know? Ekzine Warriors are monsters who fight with Roha's power.

Legion boxes are piled somewhere north. There are so many of them, so it shouldn't be too hard to find them all. All right, catch you a bit.

(Intricate Key appears in your Inventory.)


Starting NPC: Tomstone (Aevraury Map F-3)

Closest Portal: Orc Fortress (Aevraury Map F-3)

Ekzine warriors tend to congregate in their own little lovely fortresses. Try Birch tower (close to Pine Plateau), Tempest watchout (west of Kai'non). Careful as they mob.


Task: Hunt for Ekzine Warriors [57]

Task: Acquisition of Treasures [1]

Mob Location

Mob Location: Ekzine Warrior (Via Marea (Gray Dawn Tower) F-5)

Item Location: Diozma's Treasure Chests (Aevraury F-3) This is immediately north westish of the orc fortress bindstone. Like, right next to it.


Gauntlet of Red Dragon (Magic Defense +9): 1

EXP: 5.00% (for Level 40)

Additional Information

This quest can be done again for crones.

Reward 1: 22,237 crones (may vary or decrease)

Reward 2 (choose 1): 2 Healing Potions (2,825 HP) or 2 Mana Potions (1,292 MP)


Miscellaneous Information Edit


Diozma's Treasure Chests Location Insert screenshot information here. [IMG][/IMG]


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