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Facts Edit

Quest Description

This is the second of three sequential quests.

Race: Common

Start NPC: Avis


Start: Ignis, Sinner's Inheiritance, G6

Quest: See Requirements

End: Ignis, Sinner's Inheiritance, G6


Obtain Palmer's Key

Acquisition of the Purification Dagger

  • Use the Palmer's Key to open the chest contained underneath the Statue of Necomancy at the Academy of Blue Flames

Souless Ghost Hunt

  • The creature is located at Ignis, B2 in a small ravine above the port

Report to Avis

Deliver to Gariff (standing next to Avis)

Then you talk to Spinel (other side of Avis), back to Gariff, and finally again to Avis

You will be given a Sealed Letter to continue to the third quest, Farewell and a New Start (Pt. 3)


Spinel Ring

Miscellaneous Information Edit


Using Palmer's Key at the Statue of Necromancy where you will acquire the Purification Dagger


Souless Ghost


Souless Ghost Location



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