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Quest Description

The profundity of sorcery renders one to forget about everything else.

Had it not been for Keia, I wouldn't have missed out on balls for the rest of my life.

An order for our formal attires just needs to be placed at the dress shop, but I want to choose the best fabric and accessories possible. I want to see Keia feeling special amongst all those other girls. I heard dresses adorned with Blood Golos are quite popular, although it is quite rare. Nonetheless, that's the fabric I have selected.

I need 5 large eyeballs and 10 Sheets of Bloody Silk. 5 sheets would have been sufficient in the past, but I have put on an enormous amount of weight while concentrating on my studies. I expect only the best. Don't forget to keep your lips sealed to Keia. Understand?


H-7 Bloody GolosIgnis


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