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Facts Edit

Quest Description

This if the first of 3 sequential quests.

Race: Common

Start NPC: Avis

While you were executing various missions, we were searching a way to salvage him from the curse. As we couldn't even report it to orpin and the king, we wanted to handle it quietly without external help.

But a monster under a curse is immune to almost all sorcery. Perhaps stronger magic power is needed hence this strategy: as mana stored in Narkhant Mainport can't be used currently, what remains should be collected by employing the Magic Academy of Blue Flames and infuse all remaining mana into a sharp dagger. If external magic is futile, the only alternative is to infuse the dagger with powerful magic and lodge it into the body...that is our final resort. Activate the Spire of Mana in the Magic Academy of Blue Flames and focus all of it towards the Mana Amplifier. As you should've lifted the a seal with your hands in the past, now you must insert the Catalyst into the Spire of Mana in order to activate it.

This Catalyst can only be obained at a specific site. Heading to the northwestern tip of Ignis region will lead you to a terrain in the form of a six summit center.

And Mana's Raw Ore can be obtained from 6 puddles in its outskirts, and if you hold this Palmer's Marble near them, you'll able to obtain a piece of Mana's Raw Ore to be used as the catalyst. I need a total of 6.

Thereafter, return to the Magic Academy of Blue Flames and activate the Spire of Mana by inserting one a piece of Mana's Raw Ore into Mana's Crystal which protrudes from the rear of the Spire of Mana in all 6 summits.

As Mana's Light will be emitted in addition, collect them to show to me. Only then will I be able to trust you and entrust our final mission to you.

And as I will write down what I told you, you must not forget. If you forget a part of it read the note again.


Start: Ignis, Sinner's Inheiritance, G6

Quest: See Requirements

End: Ignis, Sinner's Inheiritance, G6


Obtain Palmer's Marble

  • This item is given to you by Avis

Collect Mana's Raw Ore

  • Go to Ignis, C2 to the 6-point star and each of the puddle has a blue crystal protruding from one side. Run around to all 6 puddles to collect them. The Palmer's Marble will become the Mana's Raw Ore.

Collect Mana's Light

  • Go to the Blue Academy of Flames and behind each of the outlying towers is a floating blue crystal. Open this crystal to obtain the Mana's Light. Go to all 6 towers.

Deliver to Avis


Gauntlet of Red Dragon

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