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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Your odor is asphyxiating. Fall back and listen closely. You know of monsters called Paragons? Whether you do or not, Caronia's Tomb is located south of Limestone Foothills.

Jeez, shut your trap for a moment and just listen.

According to Einhoren merchance who peddle medicinal ingredients, the tails of Paragons in Caronia's Tomb are nutritious enough to resurrect the dead. Go there now and fetch me 90 of them.

Compensation? Can't you tell from my appearance? I'm a prominent aristocrat of Einhoren. Do you think I'd swindle scoundrels like you? Watch it scum, you dont want to see me go off the hook. Forget it. I'm not going to force you.


Varvylon (J5), (J3)



  • Armor of Red Dragon
  • Tasset of Red Dragon

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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