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Facts Edit

Quest Description

I'm going to ask you to perform a somewhat challenging task unlike the others. Of course it deals with monster elimination - it involves not just any stock monster, but wiping out all Amazons from Varvylon.

Upon review of the intelligence I've gathered so far, the Amazon Archlord is the leader of the Amazons. They must be at the helm due to their superior strength, but if we level them first, the rest should be cakewalk.
I dont know their exact location, but you should be able to find them easily north of Bothan Penitentiary.
Since its not too distance from here, let's see... eliminate 80 per session. I've dealt with adventurers like yourself on multiple occasions, hence you can count on my offering compensation upon returning from each trip.


Insert location information here G3


  • Kill 80 Amazon Archlords
  • Report to Nictor


  • 2 Elixir

Miscellaneous Information Edit




Insert video information here.

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