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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Race: Common

Start NPC: Euzinio

The monster you will hunt is Grimgard distributed in Temple of Flox region. As proof of capturing the Grimgards, collect 30 Grimgard's Head and deliver to Skiento at Swamp of Calamity in Eibach region. As all tasks were assigned commensurate to skills, it will not be too difficult. I wish you luck.


Start: Ignis, Last Warzone Bindstone

Quest: Ignis, Temple of Flox

End: Eibach, Eibach/Ignis Portal

Alternate: Eibach, Swamp of Calamity, F9 G9 H9


Collect Grimgard Heads (30) from Grimgard

Deliver to Sikento


Armor of Darkness

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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