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Quest Description

Hibernon is making his elven instrument and is missing the final piece, the Sining Crystal, You need to get the Singing Crystal from the Crystal Quarry (B, 7). And a scoop of wine from the wine barrel at the entrance.

The wine barrel should be located outside the quarry, next to the entrance. At least in Vena it's there. If you can't see it there just wait around a bit for it to respawn.

After you click on the barrel and get the confirmation that you took the scoop of wine, go inside the Quarry, find a party and start killing Rigals and/or Rigal Spelunkers. Keep killing these until you see the crystal in your inventory. There's not a certain number to kill. Just keep killing them till you get the quest complete.


Start: A quest given by NPC Master Weapon Smith, Hibernon (G, 3) in Vena City. Quest Area: Crystal Quearry (B, 7) End: Talk to Hibernon Again


Race: Common Minimum Level: 10; Recommended for Level 10 or 11.


Choose 1: Brave Dirk, Moon Slayer, Silver Wand, Hunting Bow.

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