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Facts Edit

Quest Description

Go pay a visit to a woman named Terano at Hushed Forest. If you tell her I sent you, she'll provide you with a detailed description of the current state of things there. If they are in bad shape, she'll let you know how you can help them.

The path from here to Hushed Forest is fraught with peril. Under normal circumstances, I'd have recommended taking a detour in the direction of Bothan Penitentiary Gate Bindstone, but with things as urgent as they are, take the western route despite lurking danger. The fire is growing more massive. Leave at once.

Please, let my concern be unwarranted..


  • Starting NPC: Nictor (Varvylon Map - H2)
  • Closest Portal: Limestone Foothill (Varvylon Map - H2)


  • Talk to Terano (Varvylon Map - D4)
  • Hunt for Ekzine Warrior [30]
  • Hunt for Ekzine Necromancer [40]

Mob Location

  • Ekzine Warrior (Varvylon Map - D5)
  • Ekzine Necromancer (Varvylon Map - F4)


  • Armor of Darkness
  • EXP: 5.00% (for Level 41)

Miscellaneous Information Edit


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