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Quest Description

According to those who accompanied him, he dissapeares suddenly after obtaining Drake's Heart. Everyone tells me to stop searching for him suggesting he's dead, but i'm certain he's still alive somewhere. I can't give up. I can feel his presence everywhere even now 20 years later. Sorry about the long preface. I finally found a clue to his whereabouts. I don't know what is exactly yet but I feel as if I can find him this time. The clue is the Drake's heart with which he dissapeared. I would like you to find it for me.

For starters, I hear Drake's Heart is sealed in a statue called Sealed Drake's Heart at the entrance of Celestial Castle Rahkon. It's amazing how the statue is the spitting image of my father... that question will be solved as well when I find me father.

Listen closely anyhow. The statue's seal can be lifted by obtaining Mars key from Fire Drake, Mercury key from Ice Drake and Jupiter Key from Black Drake in the deep recesses of black Dragon Sanctuary in Geizen region and delivering them to Norberto at Celestial Castle Rahkon's 1st floor in Varvylon, who will exchange the keysfor a key that can break the seal.

Lift the seal with the key and bring the Drake's Heart to me. I'm certain it will contain a clue with which to find my father. Please. Incidentally, you won't be able to handle the Drake's at the lair of black dragonsalone as they are extremely fierce. If possible, go with skilled colleagues.


Flame Drake > Dharvegawan D5 left bottom corner (spawn only)
Black Drake > Liom D8

The three Drakes could be found both in Black Dragon Sanctuary and Caronia's Tomb


Collect Mars Key(0/1) (Fire Drake)
Collect Mercury Key (0/1) (Glacial Drake)
Collect Jupiter Key(0/1) (Black Drake)

Heart of Drake (Statue behinde Rahkon Portal)


EXP: 5.00% (for Level 50)
Helmet of Red Dragon

Miscellaneous Information Edit


More about the monsters' locations here

Special thanks to DrAcX


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