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Forge Information Edit

The following table illustrates the sets of armor that must be forged to achieve this current armor. To forge this current item you must forge the item(s) in the sets starting to the left if the table to create the item in the next column to the right. You must continue the chain until you arrive at this current item set.

Regular Rare Unique
Destruction Set Graham Set Pluion Set
Darkness Set
Red Dragon Set Natu Set
Rhodium Set

Pluion armor Stats
Max stats 69
Nice piece 50

U02 ploion0

Pluion Set

Normal Leather· Hard Leather· Elven· Elemental· Destruction· Darkness· Red Dragon· Rhodium·Tormaline Armor· Black Dragon· Blood Alliance·Appentium· Platinum· Truth· Heroes
Rare Benezar·Noyde·Graham·Natu·Kish·Kael·Lorenzo·Trian
Unique Froianne· Pluion·Edwin·Bedron
Enchanted Echanted Froianne· Enchanted Pluion·Enchanted Edwin·Enchanted Bedron

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