NPC Name NPC Description Location
Abel Consignment Dealer F, 7
Alphena Master Weapon Smith I, 3
Barin Alchemist C, 8
Bazio Mount Merchant E, 6
Berlio Vengeance Dealer E, 5
Charles Croissant Emilita Lyonan’s Husband H, 8
Chryme Sundries Merchant C, 8
Delidin Guild Treasurer I, 7
Emilita Lyonan First Queen of Montt H, 8
Flair Montt Gatekeeper Montt Bindstone Gatekeeper
Hans Fishing Hole Gatekeeper E, 2
Hebril Level Refiner G, 5
Keia Montt Treasurer H, 5
Kite Montt Guild Trustee I, 7
Labein Montt Consignment Dealer G, 7
Lusdana Ranged Weapon Merchant H, 3
Magician’s Scale  ? I, 6
Melina Master Armor Smith D, 3
Noell Status Refiner F, 5
Pascal Vistierre Ignis Magic Forum Representative I, 6
Penzolt Master Shield Smith D, 3
Ranziano Township Battle Mediator G, 6
Ridic Melee Weapon Merchant H, 2
Rio Mont Commoner G, 3
Rosania Fallen Noble G, 4
Selina Alchemist of Darkness D, 4
Vellot Armor Merchant D, 3
Woman in an Ironmask Unindentified Dark Elf E, 7
Zalbeck Magic Weapon Merchant I, 3
Zeldenia Alchemist D, 6
Zide Souvenir Collector G, 7

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