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Facts Edit

General Information

  • Level: 50
  • Attack Style: Melee/Range
  • Attack Type: Physical/Magical
  • AOE Attack: Yes/No
  • AOE Attack Style: Physical/Magical
  • AOE Attack Effects:
  • Monster Guards:


Portrait Monster Mollek

Interesting Information Edit


Its a giant minotaur with an axe. People in Rohan are guessing arround 1000000 health and it takes out arround 1500-3300 damage. It kills everything in it's path. It also just appears out of no where. We took it on 50 to 1 and lost without doing anything to it's health bar so when you see this run, unless your over level 50 you could try...


Ahkma Cave


Insert list of quests this monster is involved in.

Miscellaneous Information Edit


Insert screenshot information here.


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