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Rohan Location Dawn Lake

Description Edit

Quests Edit

Common Quests

  • None

Party Quests

Solo Quests

  • None

Non Player Characters Edit

Alfonce (Dispatched Paladin)

  • Paladin's Pursuit [party]

Griffin (Cartographer)

  • Pieces of Stolen Map [party]
  • Materials for Map Production [party]
  • Map's Identity [party]

Kazmoto (Katar Maker)

  • Reserved Ingredients [party]
  • Magic Katar [party]

Roberry (Archaeologist)

  • Land With Secrets [party]

Vishnu (Dream Maker)

  • From Everyone's Dreams [party]
  • Phantasm [party]
  • Secret Cave [party]
  • Rare Crystal [party]
  • Fierce Vishnu [party]

Miscellaneous Edit


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