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Facts Edit

General Information

  • Level: 55
  • Attack Style: Melee
  • Attack Type: Physical
  • AOE Attack: No
  • AOE Attack Style: N/A
  • AOE Attack Effects:
  • Monster Guards:


Insert portrait hereLeaf spawn

Interesting Information Edit


One of the myraid of ugly monsters this game has to offer. They are of a melee type and are more of an annoyance than a threat. Unconfirmed rumours suggest there are three (yes, three) genders present within this species, with complex social and biological interactions governing reproduction and the identity of offspring.


Found in the Timeless Ravine in Eibach, in the forest south of Dwarf Hill, but these are bad spawns. Better spawns can be found at Healing Forest, as shown in the map below.

  • Leaf Spawn Mobs

    A nice leaf spawn mob. The author happened to walk past on a fine sunny day after she had already painstakingly killed leaf spawns one by one at a different site.


Miscellaneous Information Edit


Insert screenshot information here.


Insert video information here.

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