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The human class type is your "basic" of all basic types, traditionally known for being the all-around Knight with the Pride and Spirit of their ancestors; the knight possesses the cunning and strength to slay the mightiest of Dragons, and the spirit and fortitude to always be there when you need them. As a human, you start off as a Knight and progress to be either Guardian or Defender. Both Job classes have main DPS potential and Supporting capabilities.

The Knight - Wears the heaviest of all armor types currently in Blood Feud, and is primarily a Close-range weapon user, as well as the use of a Shield. At level 50 you'll have a job change and you'll get to pick which of two Jobs suit you the best:

The Guardian - Primarily a Duel Weapons user; This job can dish out very high amounts of damage and has a moderate amount of Buffs, plus with the use of Heavy armor, this Job choice makes a perfect PvP Character, not to mention great DPS (Damage per second) during a Boss battle. Shield is optional in this class while Sword and off hand Dagger is the most useful way to go.

The Defender - The only class that uses a Shield as a weapon. Also your only choice for your Melee weapon is a Mace; not to mention the Job with the highest Defense in Rohan currently. This class is more on the PvE side of things, and is the prime candidate for Boss Tanking. Though with their extremely high Defense and large array of Stun Skills, a defender can be devastating in a PvP battle if used properly. Of hand dagger is optional in this class while using a Mace and Shield is the most useful way to go and provides more tankiness.

Human - Knight Base Stats Edit


From levels 2 - 49 you'll gain 4 AAP (Additional Attribute Points) per level up that can be used to increase your characters different stats, at levels 51 - 70 you'll gain 6 AAP per level, at levels 71-100 you'll gain 8 AAP per level and at levels 101-115+50 you'll gain 10 AAP.

Human's main stats are:

  • Str: increases Melee Attack, Physical Defend, Weight.
  • Vit: increases max HP, HP Recovery, Physical Defend, Weight.
  • Dex: increases Accuracy, combined with Invoke increases your Critical Damage.

Human Gears Edit

The Human class can use an assortment of items as gear. They can equip either a Sword, Dagger, or Mace as their primary weapon with their off-hand holding a Shield. If the Human carries a Sword/Mace/Axe as it's main weapon, it can opt to use a Dagger as it's off-hand instead of a shield. 30% of all the Dagger's stats are added to the character.

The Axe, however, isn't as useful to this race as the other three weapons. Main reason is there are no skills (besides Sharpen Blade) that work with an Axe in either Guardian or Defender skill trees. Useful only at stating levels like 1-50 with the use of a Dagger in your off hand to keep that attack speed moderate, after you have change job your main weapon should be either Sword or Mace because of its Mastery providing additional damage and other skills requiring said weapons to work.

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