Hard Leather Armor
Level Range 9-14
Type Normal

Stats, NPC Prices Edit

Image Name Pdef Mdef Weight NPC Price
HLeatherTop Hard Leather Armor 7 5 28 3
HLeatherBottom Hard Leather Tasset 6 6 25 3
HLeatherHelm Hard Leather Helmet 4 4 14 2
HLeatherArm Hard Leather Gauntlets 3 2 18 2
HLeatherLeg Hard Leather Leggings 3 2 21 2

Ingame ImagesEdit


Normal Leather· Hard Leather· Elven· Elemental· Destruction· Darkness· Red Dragon· Rhodium·Tormaline Armor· Black Dragon· Blood Alliance·Appentium· Platinum· Truth· Heroes
Rare Benezar·Noyde·Graham·Natu·Kish·Kael·Lorenzo·Trian
Unique Froianne· Pluion·Edwin·Bedron
Enchanted Echanted Froianne· Enchanted Pluion·Enchanted Edwin·Enchanted Bedron

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