These are the half elf solo quests.

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The Fiance of Ka'el Dutton (10)Edit

Start NPC: Arien F-1

  • 1) Talk to Turmel H-3
  • 2) Talk to Zhonat Rotus D-3

Reward: Choice of Trap Striker or Ivory Crescent Crossbow

Recollect the Past (20)Edit

Start NPC: Quaid Berkins I-3

  • 1) Speak to Joshua F-8
  • 2) Hunt Apir Nobles D-3
  • 3) Report to Joshua F-8

Rewards: A set of elemental armour.

Unforseen Obstacle (25)Edit

Starting NPC: Joshua F-8

  • 1) Talk to Turmel H-3
  • 2) Talk to Quaid Berkins I-3
  • 3) Talk to Zibrian (in the back of gathering hall) Melodic Sea D-8
  • 4) Open boxes outside of gathering harbor until you find the engagement ring. Boxes are located from C6 to D6.
  • 5) Deliver to Zibrian. Melodic Sea D-8

Reward: Choice of 5x Lesser Healing Remedy, or 5x Lesser Mana Remedy.

Immortal Love (30)Edit

Starting NPC: Zibrian (Ehres Harbor)

  • 1) Deliver the Engagement Ring to Robdun (Orc Fortress Bindstone)
  • 2) Hunt 20 Dark Souls
  • 3) Report to Rodun
  • 4) Report to Lacriss in Lauke Monastery

Reward: Choice of weapons.

From Exile (35)Edit

Starting NPC: Lacriss

  • 1) Hunt Specters in Lauke Monastery until you get a Hunting Stick.
  • 2) Open the 50 yr old junk bag (near the beginning of Lauke Monastery) to find Juniper Wood Cuffs
  • 3) Report to Lacriss

Reward: Darkness Set

What Happened in the Monastery (40)Edit

Starting NPC: Lacriss (located inside Lauke Monastery, east of Vena. To reach him, you need to enter the monastery into the first antechamber, then walk through the blue glowing portal to your left.)

  1. Hunt Demon Hezwerd. This boss is located at the very end of the lauke Monastery maze. He is quite tough, you will need a good party of probably at least level 55 members to kill it - get your guild to help you!
  2. Report back to Lacriss
  3. Speak to Helena, located at the Ezker Island Bindstone. You can simply teleport there with a portal stone purchasable from Ehres Harbour.

Rewards: Skill Enhancement Stone

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