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Level 50+ Skills:


  • 1. Buff that increases the damage Daggers and 1H Swords do. Apparently it can be used on other players.
  • 2. Self Buff that increases the caster's Hit Rate(Accuracy).
  • 3. Self Buff that increases the caster's HP.
  • 4. Party only skill. Forces the surrounding monsters to attack the caster.
  • 5. Skill that makes the user rush at the target and stun it.
  • 6. Skill that reduces the physical offense ability of all enemies within a certain distance.
  • 7. Buff that increases Strength. Can be used on others.
  • 8. Attack Skill.
  • 9. Self Buff that increases the user's Attack Speed and Damage, but prevents them from moving.
  • 10. Skill that decreases the target's MP depending on the damage dealt.
  • 11. Self Buff that accumulatively increases the damage of each successive attack.
  • 12. Skill that decreases the attack speed of the target. Cannot be used on Bosses or Named Monsters(This is because the skill is supposed to make your weapon "heavier").
  • 13. Party toggle that increases Critical Ratio.
  • 14. Attack Skill that deals damage to the target and the enemies in a straight line.
  • 15. Self Buff that allows the caster to resist stuns and root effects.
  • 16. Attack Skill that does damage disregarding the target's defense.
  • 17. Self Buff that allows the caster to resist physical damage.

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